- - - Jaelyn Fox - Cuckold Sessions - SD/MP4

Jaelyn Fox - Cuckold Sessions - SD/MP4

Jaelyn Fox - Cuckold Sessions - SD/MP4 Jaelyn Fox - Cuckold Sessions - SD/MP4
Cuckold, Creampie, 3 On 1, Facial, Blonde, Petite, Fetish, Shaved
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Jaelyn Fox - Cuckold Sessions - SD/MP4

Studio: Cuckold Sessions

Model: Jaelyn Fox, Cuntree Pipes, Jason Brown, Tone Capone

Description: My cuckold makes a better coffee table than he does a lover. I can't tell you the number of times I've fallen asleep when the moron mounts on top of me with his raging 2 inch white dick. I was waiting around for the delivery of big black dick so I used decided to have my cuckold be useful and I used him as a foot rest. I wasn't waiting around too long since my white wet pussy was on radar for a bunch of black boys who I knew would leave no inch of my uterus void of black dick. Watch as they give me a pounding which nearly knocks me out and keep an eye on my cuckold who has a blank look on his face which is further proof that the lights are on but nobody's home. Those black thugs used my mouth as a cock garage for their meaty members and my tight cunt was tight no more after the onslaught of black dick I got. Coffee table boy quickly transformed into a vacuum as I had him lick up all the creamy goodness my black studs shot at me. Since then I've dumped his sorry ass since I'm now a black cock slut who's dedicated to getting as much interracial sex as possible.

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