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Anything You Wish, Master

Anything You Wish, Master Anything You Wish, Master
Cum Farting, Nasty Cum Play, Pain, Anal Creampie Snorting, Rough Oral, Bondage, Cumfart Eating, Wedgie
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Anything You Wish, Master

Studio: Assylum

Model: 18 Year-old Anastasia Rose

Description: Intense domination and filth -- that's what we have here. Dr. Mercies took a particular delight in Anastasia, because she was so hot, young, and perverted. Her therapy has the usual hard anal pounding and ass to mouth, but so much more. Anastasia gets lifted up by her wedgie, spanked hard, caned, slapped across the face, and has her tits and nipples punished. She eats Dr. Mercies' feet and ass, licks 5 loads of his saved-up cum off the dirty floor, gags and pukes up slobber, then does an anal cream pie, shoots the cum out of her ass, and snorts it from her genie lantern. Now that her lantern is empty, Dr. Mercies tells her, her soul can move into it and mourn the missing cum. This scene is an hour long.

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