- - - No one can hear you scream!

No one can hear you scream!

No one can hear you scream! No one can hear you scream!
Anal, Master, Submission, Humiliation, Rough Sex, Blowjob, Bdsm, Outdoor Abduction
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No one can hear you scream!

Studio: boundinpublic

Model: Christian Wilde, Brock Avery, Eli Hunter

Description: Deep in the woods of Northern California, a couple horny locals cruise along the windy road until they find a hot stud walking all by himself. They try to pick the boy, Eli Hunter, up but when he refuses they veer off to the side of the road and jump him from behind. Eli's taken back to their campsite where more of their horny friends await. Out of fear, Eli pisses his pants before the gang of men tear away his clothes and shove their cocks in his holes. Bound helplessly to a log, Eli's viciously beaten with the flogger as the guys eat his beautiful ass from behind. They then fuck Eli from both ends as he's suspended from the log like a pig roast before dragging him to the dirt and covering his face with all their hot loads.

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