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Fabulously Filthy

Studio: FacialsForever

Description: Hi Scott -- This scene with Victoria Summers was one I was seriously looking forward to! I love the blonde barbie style pornstars, but this one had the added extra that shes a bit of posh totty. As a bit of a working class Brit theres nothing I like more than getting into posh girls so it was a real pleasure to get her sucking on me. When she got undressed right there in front of me as we were discussing the scene I was already filling up my pants with boner! All that horse riding has done wonders for her legs. It was quite difficult not to imagine them over my shoulders as she starting sucking away like a pro. What a great mouth on her, such talent. To top it off, wait till you see how hot she looked with a face full of cum. What else can I say, a top class blowjob from a top class girl! Cheers, FrankNice Frank!Ask and you shall receive! Recent request from BABYS007 wanted to see fabulously filthy blonde British cum-whore Victoria Summers. We are happy to fulfill this Request. So please find Sir Ms. Summers sucking on Frank's huge cock and getting a filthy, nasty, baby-juice full huge load for FACIALS FOREVER! Happy New Year Y'all! Enjoy! We have some amazing plans for 2018! Enjoy this one to start! ~SH

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