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Welcome To The Throatpie

Welcome To The Throatpie Welcome To The Throatpie
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Welcome To The Throatpie

Studio: DeepthroatSirens

Description: Ok guys its time to buckle in. You are in for a fucking ride called London River! This is kinda the girl of my dreams...or least some of them. Its hard to pick one for fuck sake right. But we're talking DEEPTHROAT SIRENS perfection here. We got 40 minutes of bottom-out throating. Btw... please do not say "Throated" because that is my old site that the Canadian Bastards stole from me. I invented that phrase...and frankly the category. I used to like Northerners...not no more. Back to head fucking. Not only does London have a kick-ass body but she is down. Down for whatever. Down to bottom out her throat, frankly until a nice stream of dick snot runs out of her nose. That is precious. And recently someone -- sorry I don't remember who -- wanted to see a complete Throatpie. Well wait no more! Please welcome our latest new action which we will repeat again... the Throatpie! None better than London...except when we pair her with another Throatpie expert... Welcome suggestions! ~SH

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