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Step It Up! Step It Up!
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Step It Up!

Studio: DeepthroatSirens

Description: You know the old saying never judge a book by its' cover. Well some covers... yeah that's how the fucker reads. Such is Ophelia Rain. We first met Ophelia here about 2 years ago at DEEPTHROAT SIRENS. Very nice job. Now time to step it up. And with Ophelia we know what we are going to get. If you put it out there...its your responsibility, young lady, to live up to it! And live up to it our Russian-Jew, fully tatted beauty does. Nice body on this girl. Those Bolt On's are unreal. Like literally almost not real. Perfect tatted Barbie Doll. Me like. My perfect pairing would be Ophelia Rain and Helly Mae Hellfire... that would be a combo to beat all! ~SH

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