- - - A mouthful in the kitchen

A mouthful in the kitchen

A mouthful in the kitchen A mouthful in the kitchen
Oral Sex, Art, Sweet Stroking, Deep Throating, Blowjob
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A mouthful in the kitchen

Studio: The Art of Blowjob

Description: You are leaning against the counter drinking your beer. She is facing you. A naughty smile appears on her face as she drops her panties on the floor. Only her top is left. As you put down your bottle on the counter she places her hand on your cock. It excites her, she breaths heavily on your neck. She rubs herself against your crotch, every time your cock hits her clit she moans.She lowers your pants with both her hands. She pulls a chair and sits right between your legs, she has full access. She takes a mouthfull of your girth and pushes it as deep as she can. As she comes back up for air, you hold her face tightly on you. She moans harder when you control her. Her mouth is dripping wet and she runs your cock all over it, it slides from her cheeks to her lips.You can see she is rubbing herself on her chair. Her throat lingers for your tip. She swallows as you are inside of her, the effects are amazing, your cock throbs harder. She holds your length straight while she places your erect shaft as far as she can between her lips. You begging your orgasm with a quick burst in her mouth, she opens for you to see your delicious semen. She sucks a little more and you drip all over her mouth. Piper licks it off, tasting you until she eats all that remains.

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