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Miami Micro-Bikini BJ

Miami Micro-Bikini BJ Miami Micro-Bikini BJ
Sweet Stroking, Art, Deep Throating, Oral Sex, Blowjob
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Miami Micro-Bikini BJ

Studio: The Art of Blowjob

Description: During her time in Miami, Piper's fair skin combined with her hourglass figure and tight belly was like a magnet attracting every man's wandering eyes. Especially, has she walked out of the ocean all wet and dripping. She decided to slip back on her turquoise micro-bikini for you.After all of the attention she received in South Beach, she can not help but feel excited. She needs to release all of her sexual desire. At your feet, she softly caresses the triangle between her thighs. Her hands find your cock rapidly. She strokes with such arousal that it erect in seconds.Piper then opens her lips to taste you. Going deeper and deeper makes pussy clench rendering incredible sensations thruout her body. Her nipples become hard under her bikini. She pushes it aside to satisfy the urge to show you what you do to her. Her hands hold your hard shaft as she deepthroats you further. Her mouth waters all over as she comes up for air with a huge smile. She squeezes and twists, she wants it bad. Your load explodes onto her angelic face. Nothing makes her happier than to know you are pleased.

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