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Naughty School Girl!

Naughty School Girl! Naughty School Girl!
Deep Throating, Blowjob, Sweet Stroking, Art, Oral Sex
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Naughty School Girl!

Studio: The Art of Blowjob

Description: Piper is a naughty schoolgirl. She is always writing things in her diary and never paying attention to what the teacher says. This time she has been asked to stay after school. It is her punishment for always being such a brat.The teacher grabs her by one of her pigtails to pull her closer to him. Piper seems surprised but nothing she wasn't already asking for. She loves it when her favorite teacher keeps her after school because she has him all to herself.Her delicate fingers undress his bulging erection. Thru her glasses, her eyes become bigger, as she realises how big his desires for her are. Piper kisses the length in front of her. She touches her white panties under her little plaid skirt. The high rise socks keep her warm under her small desk. She swallows you deeper. She wants to be forgiven. Its time for the teacher's last lesson, he bursts onto her pink lips. She licks the cum from her mouth.

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