- - - Piper's Lascivious Look

Piper's Lascivious Look

Piper's Lascivious Look Piper's Lascivious Look
Blowjob, Art, Sweet Stroking, Oral Sex, Deep Throating
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Piper's Lascivious Look

Studio: The Art of Blowjob

Description: Piper's long hair, barely covers her breasts. She looks at you, her naked butt buried in the bean bag. She lowers herself thinking of the ways you can control her head at that height. She smiles and looks right at your member. You approach unveiling your manhood. Her blue eyes stare as you are in her face. You feel her warm breath on you. She opens her mouth and swallows you whole.Each time she clenches her throat, you fill her a little more. She moans as she feels she can not breath anymore. Your fully erect cock takes too much space in her mouth. You pull her head back and she leaves a thick saliva string for you to play with. You carefully spread it on your length. Piper looks up at you, you take your cock and slap it on her mouth, her tongue and her lips.She cups your balls and pushes her head as far on you as she can go. Her tongue licks your balls while your shaft throbs to the sound of her moans. Your hand pushes her towards your erection while the other moves your cock on her tongue. You feel the urge to cum on her face. It bursts out of you, her mouth is wide open to catch the drops of fresh cum. You cover her cheeks, her chin and the rest falls from her face on her legs. She licks it off all satisfied.

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