- - - Lustful Fellatio at the Cottage

Lustful Fellatio at the Cottage

Lustful Fellatio at the Cottage Lustful Fellatio at the Cottage
Oral Sex, Blowjob, Deep Throating, Art, Sweet Stroking
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Lustful Fellatio at the Cottage

Studio: The Art of Blowjob

Description: Piper is really happy you invited her to spend the weekend at your cottage. You unlock the front door and open it for her to enter, she walks in. She contemplates the size of this house in the woods. She remembers you're waiting to get it, and slowly moves towards the living room. She drops her top on the floor. Her heels resonate smoothly on the wood, pulls down her skirt and rolls her hips to get herself out of it. She looks behind her shoulder and she catches you staring at her lower back. Her ass is tied up in a garter belt and stockings.She kneels in front of the couch waiting for you to go in front of her. You leave the door open and climb in front of her. She pulls down what is left of your clothes and licks you until you are drenched in her saliva. She goes deeper and deeper on your length until you reach full erection. She teases from your tip to your crown with her lusty lips. She kisses, rubs and licks. You admire the view of her on her knees and you look around at the sumptuous chalet you are in.She deepthroats your every inch. You feel a tightness that needs releasing. She wants to thank you for the great weekend you are going to spend together. She feels you are close, it arouses her, she moans which brings you to climax instantly. Her smiling mouth covered in your cum it is the best depiction of her gratefulness.

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